Cover of Edmonton Magazine 1980 (25kb) Sunrise at Joussard  (14kb) All along the Watchtower (44kb) Branch (38kb)
A Day at the Races (10kb) Dominique with facepaint by Jacqui Paul (16kb) Handtint photo of Dominique (17kb) 2 Amanitas  (34kb)
Kinuso Elevator March 2004 (33kb) Eye  (18kb)  NCF webpage created from photo by Eric Marks (62kb) Freddy King at Edmonton circa 1974 (21kb)
Grouard Cabin Winter Solstice (25kb) Evening at Ox Bow (9kb) Iris (17kb) Lenny Breau and Gaye Delorme circa 1974 (27kb)
Long Beach 2003 (17kb) Skid Row circa 1973 (23kb) Paul Newman as Buffalo Bill Cody (30kb) pink (4kb)
Winter Playground (26kb) Riversphere.jpg (13kb) Robert Altman (13kb) Shelf Fungus (39kb)
The Social Worker (20kb) Sunrise Joussard  (16kb) Bystander (24kb) The Conversation (35kb)
View from Brewster Summit (14kb) violet (6kb) Wolf Tracks (24kb)  

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